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Part 1 of a three part series on my break barrel, black pipe shotgun build. It was a complex project and it took many hours of work over about a 2.5 week period to finish the shotgun. This series is a cliff notes version of this project. You'll have to do a lot your own thinking to understand it well. That's good because it sharpens reasoning skills that can help you to survive life better.
Here's a link to my YouTube playlist that has similar gun builds that I've done. :

LINK to part 2 of this video series:

LINK to a web page about the bursting pressure specs of low carbon steel pipe:

Being able to measure things accurately is very important when engineering and building things or even repairing things so that's why I always use a precision caliper to measure things when I'm in DIY mode. Harbor Freight and Tool sells a digital one (4" capacity) that does both metric and English for $15. Like most calipers, It does Inside/outside/depth measurements to .001" accuracy. If you can measure with precision, you can do precision work with cave man tools. I use mine all the time when I'm DIYing.
Link to the caliper that I use:
$14.99 retail. Fits in your shirt pocket so it's real easy to take with you to the hardware store.

Here's one online source for metal stock:

Lots of plans available for other firearms built in a similar way.

Instructional download and drawings for building an authentic Cobray derringer:

Excalibur LLC catalog- The current home of the Cobray Derringer parts kits. (Prices may have changed)

Cobray Derringer frame plates and breach plate:

Various DIY Plans, paterns, and blueprints at :
Some of these plans are NFA or AOW so beware. Some are black powder muzzle loaders as well.

The library at

I made this shotgun for myself because I love simple firearms. This project was an opportunity to learn, and doing it was outstanding entertainment. I have no intention to ever sell this shotgun or give any firearms that I make away so please don't ask me to do that. I also have no desire to make parts kits for firearms. Check out the links above because there's a lot of gunsmith knowledge and insight at those links. ;-)

Thanks. Cricket.