Download: UDI U818A-1 Discovery 720p HD 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Review

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This was a pretty fun toy to play with. Easy to fly as long as there're not a lot of winds. Footage from camera were decent! Enjoy!

P.S ignored the timestamp on footage, camera were stupid with time I didn't feel like adjusting it :P

First time playing with this quad, you will feel confident on how easy it's to move it around. It's a light quadcopter so with anything more than 5 mph+ it will starts to drift. One afternoon playing with it around my house, there was barely any winds and it was perfectly hovering in a spot. The quad stay docile in mode1, which is the slower more. The quad in mode2, which is the faster speed has insane maneuvering capability. With sharp pitch and roll you can definitely do some cool acrobatic with it.

The controller is well lay out and easy to learn. For those of you who never fly quadcopter before, you should watch some video on YouTube and get the basic principle of pitch, yaw, roll -- and then play with something like this quadcopter but take it easy in an open field. Also, find a day where it isn't so windy, which will greatly help you out. The quadcopter do come with headless mode, which can be switch on and off via the right trigger button. When it's off, the light bulb on your LCD screen will go off. In this mode, pushing the stick toward you means it will go back and away from you mean it will go forward regardless of the orientation of the quad. This is good for beginner who really get confused with orientation, but I found it's much better to just learn the orientation and control your quad then using it in this mode. I myself cannot fly in headless mode properly.

One thing you do want to remember is to start video recording prior to taking off so you don't have to worry about messing with it while you're flying. However, it's easy to access both video and picture mode with a touch of a button below the LCD. Picture to me is somewhat useless in a quad like this because even in a steady hover the picture isn't that great. The camera is of course 720p like it claims, and the video quality, although not extremely impressive, manage to be very stable. This make it a nice aerial video recording quad. Sadly it's missing a live FPV which would make it perfect.

Battery wise, it takes about 90 minutes to charge both battery using the USB charger and each will last you for about 10 minutes of playing time. With the video rolling most of the time, I was able to get about 7-8 minutes with it.

Overall it's a very nice quad copter and it comes with this ready to run package with 2 batteries which giving you up to about 20 minutes of play time. Although they recommend stopping in between to let motor cool off, I run it from one battery to the next without any issue. The quadcopter is light, and with the plastic body and blade guard, can take a lot of abuse and damage. It has falling out of sky a few time, hit tree, hit plants and still manage to work perfectly fine. The battery will fall out of the holder slot if you crash it quite often but the connector will keep it in place. With the camera, good run time with double batteries and easy to use, this is a great quad copter for those who're looking to dip their foot into this hobby.

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