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By Maџa Mёямaїd


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vocals :

lyrics :

Moon goes bright for her kingdom tonight
Not a pony to be seen
Alone in my isolation
How can I call myself...a Queen

The wind is quiet
Compared to the heartache inside
You never let her in
You barely even tried

Kept yourself in
To blind to see
Now I caused this catastrophe
Conceal, Don't feel, Don't let her know
Well now I know!

Let it go, let it go
Never treat you this way anymore
Let it go, let it go
I'll wait here with open doors

I'll wait here
Every single way
Please come home soon
Your absence bothers me everyday

Funny how this Distance
Makes me feel so small
And the sister who loved me
Can't reach me at all

Its time to find what I can do
How can I when keep missing you
No Luna, Ruling independently I need you here with me

Let it go, let it go
Sleep to the stars lullaby
Let it go, let it go
Please return sister of mine

Here I wait
And here I'll stay
1000 years to long

My tear drops slide from my eyes to the ground
My heart is breaking from these memories all around
All these reminders of our peaceful past
How'd I'd love to go back
1000 years we'll reunite at last

Let it go, let it go
We'll meet at the break of dawn
Let it go, let it go
And the Nightmare will be gone

Here I stand
Princess of the day
Let your dreams carry on
Your absence bothers me everyday
( cries ) Luna!

I'll come soon with new covers! :)