Download: Banoo Main Teri Dulhann - Episode 411

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Divya is watching the news on TV when she hears that the town of Benares is tense because two lovers from different communities had eloped. Just then, Divya is asked to vacate the room. She pleads that her flight is only at night and requests for another room, but the manager says there are no rooms and asks her to seek Amar's help. Divya sees the bill and gives him a diamond ring because she has no money. On the other hand, Amar tells Chintu that he had asked the hotel manager to have Divya evicted. Amar's father then informs Amar that Divya was the one who had bailed him out. He tells Amar that the girl is good because she realises her mistake. Chintu informs Amar that riots have broken out in Benares, so Amar leaves to search for Divya. Meanwhile, Divya hires an autorickshaw for the airport but rioters stop it and thrash the driver. They then see Divya and chase her but Amar pulls her aside. Divya assumes that Amar is out to seek revenge from her, so she screams for help. Rioters see them but they flee from the place and go away in his taxi. Divya apologises to him for her mistake. Amar drops her to the airport. Meanwhile, Chandra informs Sindoora that Ranga and his men had managed to take Aniket captive. Chandra then tells Sindoora that Divya has not gone to Agra and nobody knows where she has gone. Sindoora asks Chandra to trace Divya as she senses impending doom. On the other hand, Divya is asked to pay by cash for the air ticket for Delhi, so she gives the executive her bracelet but he refuses. Divya phones Samrat but she has no credit left to make calls. She wonders why she came to Benares, so the sage whom she had met in the train replies that Lord Shambhunath willed that she come to Benares! He says that the Lord does not want her to return because her work is still incomplete.