Download: GCN Nostalgia - Mario Party 7: All 8-player Mini-games

By C Dub


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List of all Mario Party 7 8-player mini-games:

1.) Real Smoothie (0:06)
Grab your assigned fruit and get as many as possible before time runs out

2.) Synch-row-nicity (0:48)
Work with your partner to row your boat toward the goal

3.) Grin and Bar It (1:16)
Hop over the uneven bar and survive as long as possible to win

4.) Hammer Spammer (2:00)
Avoid the onslaught of hammers from the Hammer Bros. until time runs out

5.) Gimme a Brake (2:44)
Hit the brakes on your scooter as close to the edge as you can without falling off

6.) Bumper to Bumper (8:17)
Knock your opponents off of the tilting platform, but don't get knocked off yourself

7.) Spin Off (3:31)
Work with your partner to stop the slots and create the image of the three characters in your box to win

8.) Rope a Dope (4:20)
Run down the path connected to your partner without falling off and reach the goal

9.) Duct & Cover (4:54)
Cover each leak in the duct by moving to it and pressing the button shown on screen

10.) Bob-ombic Plague (5:21)
Toss the Bob-omb around and try not to be holding it or next to it when it explodes

11.) Unhappy Trails (6:18)
Traverse the narrow path to bring the key to the chest, unlock it, and bring the jewel back to the Goomba

12.) Shock Absorbers (7:14)
Either press the correct button or duck to avoid being shocked by electricity and survive as long as possible

(All CPU difficulties were set to Brutal.)