Download: Crash Bandicoot 2 - "Extra boxes" glitch in Cold Hard Crash

By MrBean35000vr


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Ever hated getting all of the boxes from the death route in Level 18: Cold Hard Crash to get the box gem for the level? Well, no worries anymore! You can now do it without entering the death route at all if you wish!

I found this totally by accident when doing speedrun attempts on this level. I'm not sure if it has been found before but if it hasn't, then here it is :P This doesn't just work in Cold Hard Crash, there are other places you can try it but I've not found much use outside of Cold Hard Crash so far. Basically, what you have to do is trigger a checkpoint, then gather as many boxes as you can (or calculate how many you need to), then go into a bonus round. In the bonus, you have to break as many boxes as possible, then leave. When leaving, you must kill yourself while the box counter is still on the screen (bonus still adding boxes to counter). If you do this, you will respawn on the checkpoint with all of the boxes, including the ones you broke outside the bonus. But the ones outside the bonus will have respawned, meaning you can break them again and get the count even higher.

In order to get a box gem you must NOT get more boxes than there are supposed to be in the level. So in Cold Hard Crash, you must get 155 exactly :P If you get any more, when you look for the gem, you'll find nothing except the counter saying 156/155 (or however many you broke).

So, I'm trying to work out if this saves time anywhere and I hope it does do :P And apologies for the deaths in the video. I wanted this to be a speedrun attempt, then I died and couldn't be bothered to try again :P

Also, for anyone worried that I'm not uploading much MKW, don't. I'll upload more before long :P

Places where I've managed to get this working:

Level 6 (Snow Biz) - Works easily but there are not enough boxes lying around outside the bonus to skip the red gem route.
Level 17 (Diggin' It) - Works if you break all Nitros in the bonus and are FAST to kill yourself. Can skip all the boxes in the death route with it with vast ease if you make it work.
Level 18 (Cold Hard Crash) - As you see here.
Level 23 (Night Fight) - Works if you destroy all Nitros in the bonus and are fast to kill yourself. Can skip the two boxes in the death route, but it takes so long it probably isn't worth it.