Download: MTG Magic the Gathering Modern Tron vs Through The Breach and Jeskai Control

By MagicGatheringStrat


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Dan is doing some serious work on his Tron deck and play two practice matches while talking about his list. Tron looks to be a strong player in the new metagame after the bannings.

Here are some of the SB plans discussed in the video:

America Control: + 4 Nature's Claim, - 1 Clasm, -1 Firespout, -1 Oblivion Stone, -1 Clasm more?
(take out spellskite?) What about Combust?
+1 All is Dust, +2 Defense Grid
+2 Firespout
- 4 sphere, -1 Relic

(Nature's Claim seems really good to survive his burn plan)

Splinter Twin: - 4 Stirrings, - 3 Wurmcoil
+1 Torpor Orb, +3 Combusts, +1 Dismember (Slaughter Games is good)

Plan 2: Splinter Twin: +4 Claim, +2 Spellskite, +2 Surgical, +2 Deense Gird, +1 Combust
-3 Pyroclasm, -4 Sphere, -1 Karn, -1 Wurmcoil, -1 Stirrings, -1 Scrying

Through the Breach: +2 Nature's Claim, +2 Spellskite, +2 Surgical Extraction
-3 Sphere, -3 Pyroclasm

Scapeshift: -3 Pyroclasm, -1 Firespout,
+2 Surgical, +2 Slaughter Games,

Plan 2 vs Scapeshift: +4 Claim, +2 Defense Grid, +2 Surgical Extraction, +2 Spellskite, +1 Combust
-3 Pyroclasm, -4 Oblivion Stone, -3 Sphere, -1 Stirrings

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