Download: The Mythology of Anne Boleyn and Mary Tudor - My Medea

By glamourchick21


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This is a video about Anne Boleyn as she is portrayed in the Tudors, her time as Queen of England, her devotion to her husband and her daughter Elizabeth, and the threat she saw in her stepdaughter, Mary Tudor.

It is about Mary's fear and hatred of her stepmother, and about Anne's downfall, when she, unable to bear a living son, was replaced by Jane Seymour, as she herself had once replaced Katherine of Aragon, who had also failed to produce a son.

This video does not comment on the historical Anne Boleyn, but on the figure portrayed by Natalie Dormer, who is a composite of fact and mythology. The Anne Boleyn portrayed here was first a pawn of ruthless men, but soon found herself caught in a web spun as much of her own ambition as her father's, and even more of her own unbridled passion. She is a tragic heroine in the classic sense, a great woman destroyed by her own flaws, her own hubris. She shares qualities with many tragic queens in myth and legend, meeting her downfall as she fights to protect her unstable position and her own heir. The need to protect herself and her own blinds her to her own hipocrasy, and the cruelty of what she is willing to do and say and wish in order to crush her potential rivals.

...Tudor mythology may then suggest that her stepdaughter Mary was a similar tragic heroine, pursuing her final goal of a return to Catholic England with blind ruthlessness, and turning her bitterness towards her stepmother back on her half-sister, Elizabeth. And yet...perhaps Mary could be said to have redeemed both herself and her stepmother when she refused to sign her sister's death warrant and instead left her the throne, sacrificing her hopes for a return to Rome for the sake of peace in England.