Download: CITIZEN C660 Setting Instruction

By Citizen Watch US


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C660-Main Sections
Set Time 00:00
Set Calendar 03:11
Set Time Zones 05:07
Set Alarms 06:31
Using the Chronograph 08:50
Using the Race Timer 09:57
Using the Countdown Timer 12:55
All Reset/Zero Positioning 13:45

Set the Time 00:00
About Setting the Time 00:03
Rotate the Crown -- Change to TME Mode 00:14
Press/Release Either Right Btn--Choose City 00:27
Pull Crown Out One Click--SMT On/Off Flashes 00:42
Press/Release Lower Btn--Turn DST On/Off 00:59
Press/Release Upper Btn--Secnds Flash 01:09
Press/Release Lower Btn--Reset Secnds 01:19
Press/Release Upper Btn--Mins Flash 01:26
Rotate the Crown--Set Mins 01:32
Press/Release Upper Btn--Hours Flash 01:41
Rotate the Crown--Set Hour 01:47
Press/Release Upper Btn--12H/24H Flashes 02:08
Press/Release Lower Btn--Set 12/24 Hour 02:16
Push the Crown in One Click-Finalize Dig.Time Set 02:24
Verify Analog Time 02:33
If Hands not Show Correct time- Press/Release Btn 02:37
Simultaneously Press/Release Both Btns 02:55

Set the Calendar 03:11
Rotate Crown--Change to CAL Mode 03:14
Press/Release Either Btn--Choose City 03:28
Pull Crown Out One Click-Month Flashes 03:44
Rotate Crown-Set Month 03:54
Press/Release Upper Btn--Date Flashes 04:15
Rotate Crown--Set Date of Month 04:21
Press/Release Upper Btn--Year Flash 04:39
Rotate Crown--Set Year 04:45
Press Crown in One Click--Finalize Set 05:02

Set Time Zones 05:07
About Zone Setting 05:10
Rotate the Crown--Change to SET Mode 05:19
Pull Crown Out One Click--Set or OFF Flashes 05:33
To Remove City Shown--Press/Release Btn 05:51
Reactivate City--Press/Release Right Btn 06:00
Rotate Crown--Choose City 06:10
Press/Release Lower Btn--Activate or Deactivate City 06:19
Push Crown in One Click--Finalize Set 06:26

Set Alarms 06:31
Rotate the Crown--Change to AL-1/AL2 06:34
Press/Release Either Right Btn--Choose City 06:48
Pull Crown out One Click--OF or ON flashes 07:03
Press/Release Lower Btn--Alarm On or Off (OF) 07:11
Press/Release Upper Btn--Alarm Hr Flashes 07:21
Rotate Crown--Change Alarm Hr 07:26
Press/Release Upper Btn--Alarm Mins Flash 08:04
Rotate Crown--Change Alarm Mins 08:10
Push Crown in One Click--Finalize Set 08:29
Confirm Alarm Tone--Press/Hold Btns Same time 08:36

Use the Chronograph 08:50
Rotate the Crown--Change to CHR Mode 08:54
Second Hand--Rotate Crown, move to 12:00 Pos. 09:07
If Sec. Hand not @12:00--All Reset/Zero Position Req. 09:12
Press/Release Upper Right Btn--Start/Stop Chrono 09:23
Function Hand--Display Elapsed Minutes 09:35
Press/Release Lower Right Btn--Split Time Shows 10 Scnds. 09:40
When Chronograph Stopped--Press/Release Lower Btn 09:50

Use Race Timer 09:57
Rotate the Crown -- Change to RACE Mode 10:00
Race Times between 60-10 Mins 10:11
Race Times under 10 Mins 10:18
After Activating Time--Warning Tone 10:29
Pull Crown Out One Click--Mins Flash in Left Display 10:59
Rotate Crown -- Set Timer Mins. 11:09
Push Crown in One Click--Finalize Timer Set 11:21
Press/Release Upper Btn--Start/Stop Timer 11:28
Timer Active, Lower Btn Pressed--Timer Resets/Restarts 11:41
Timer Stopped, Press Release Lower Btn--Reset Timer 11:55
Timer Countdown Finished--Time "Up" Tone-Chrono Starts 12:04
About Auto-Chrono 12:14
Press/Release Upper Btn--Stop/Start Auto Chrono 12:28
Auto Chrono Active-Lower Btn Pressed-- Race Mode Starts 12:35
Auto Chrono Stopped-Lower Btn Press--Return Race Tmr 12:45

Use Countdown Timer 12:55
Rotate Crown--Change to TMR Mode 12:58
Pull Crown out One Click--Timr Set Mode 13:09
Rotate Crown--Set Timer Minutes 13:19
Push Crown in One Click--Finalize Setng 13:26
Press/Release Upper Btn--Start/Stop Timer 13:31
Press/Release Lower Btn Timer Stopped--Reset Timer 13:37

All Reset/Zero Positioning 13:45
About All Reset 13:48
Rotate Crown--Change to CHR Mode 14:07
Pull Crown out one Click 14:21
Press/Hold All Btns Simultaneously/Release--All Reset Done 14:25
Push Crown in One Click--Beep Tone/Hands Move 14:42
Pull Crown out One Click--Activate O-Position Set 15:00
Rotate Crown-Function Hand to '60' (12:00) 15:15
Press/Release Upper Btn--HR Flashes Left Display 15:42
Rotate Crown--Move Hour/Min/24-Hour Hands to 12:00 15:59
Press/Release Upper Btn--SEC Flashes Left Display 16:24
Rotate Crown--Move Second Hand to 12:00 Pos. 16:38
Press Crown in One Click--Finalize Setting 17:03
Must Set Time/Date