Download: My Fake Eeveelutions

By Reitanna Seishin


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Alright, so here are my fake Eeveelutions. I made them types that haven't been covered yet in the real PokeUniverse. To get a better look at them and read their PokeDex entries, here are the links to the drawings:


So, YES, I did trace the poses from select Eeveelutions. Let's face it, I can't draw doglike/catlike creatures well, and I wanted them to look as authentic as possible. And PLEASE don't make fun of the calls I made for them, they were quite difficult. I wanted them to be similar to the other Eeveelutions' calls, but I didn't have proper means of REALLY doing a good job. So please be respectful.

Speaking of respect, I DID base Drakeon off of Vaporeon, but that doesn't mean I "didn't try hard" or whatever, as I have been accused on DA. Look up pictures of traditional dragons, and you will see that I made Drakeon, a dragon type, a DRAGON. How many of the dragon type pokemon actually look like dragons? Dragonite. Go figure. So, Vaporeon already looks like a water dragon, it was the perfect basis. I based Dascileon off of Leafeon, sue me. Anyway, Drakeon is actually a dragon. I didn't wanna give it wings because Aveon is already the flying type. But then again, if I recall, traditional dragons didn't have wings either.

So if I get bad comments of any kind, it will be deleted and you will be banned from my channel. If I get REALLY sick of it, I'll just disable comments all together. I don't wanna have to do that.

Real Eeveelution calls were recorded from my 2Ds's speaker, that's why they sound bad. I couldn't find them anywhere! I love Eevees though, they're so cute. :3


I didn't think this WASN'T obvious. peloideon is not "bland." eevees evolve to suit their environment. peloideon has sleek, short fur to help it effectively dig through the ground as effectively as a fish can swim through water. in order to keep its actions smooth and swift, its body needs to be smooth. get it?

~:::UPDATE 2:::~

disabling comments because of the people who don't know how to read. again, peloideon is designed that way for a reason. when I imagined a ground type, THAT'S what I saw, and if you click on its link to the image, you can read its pokedex entries. "it's plain." oh my god, whine some more. not EVERY pokemon has to be encrusted with jewels and draped in ribbons. there's a reason for simplicity when an artist uses it, and frankly, I didn't think it would be so hard to make the connection. ground = digging. sure, there are other pokemon who aren't as sleek that dig just fine, but the point of an eeveelution is that the eevee evolved to perfectly match its environment, which means the ground type would be able to dig so smoothly, it'd be like water to them. I'm so sick and tired of people not using their brains. you ruined it for good commenters. thanks.

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