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Also I use MMD since few days and I just discovered some effects.

They are a lot and we don't always know what they do. I also thought it would be useful to have this kind of video to compare some of those effects.

Don't pay attention to the use of the ground shadow please (=w=)/
IA has the best physics imo among the model I have. Also I decided to use her for this vid.


Most on those effects are downloadable here :
Here are the detailed effects :

1) 2_tk-grid.x : It comes with the tk_grid-floor Stage (Find it here : It combines WorkingFloor effect (the mirror effect) and the shadow one (i don't remember the name..).

2) Diffusion7 : Give a nice touch to the video. Sorry for video lzg on this video.

3) Adult Shader : One of the shader you can put on the model. Look at this if you want to discover more Shaders :

4) Sakura : A lovely Sakura petals rain on the stage. (Was on the second general link)

5) Manga Shader : Give a manga-like look to the Model. Really interesting effect too.

6) Kira Kira : Some luminous things/stars go from under to the sky.

7) Rain Lite : It's raining on the stage. [Come with snow ocver]

8) Color Shift : I don't know how to explain, but the video shows it well. it's a kind of 3D
without glasses.

9) Fish Eyes : Kind of special screen.

10) Gaussian : Blurs video.

11) Earthquake : We can't see it easily on this video, but it gives an earthquake effect, as the name effect said.

12) Snow Cover : Your model looks covered by snow.

13) Old TV : Broken Old TV, nothing else to add x)
Download :

14) Funya Funya (on model) : Model waves.

15) Rainy Day cover : Your Model looks drenched because of the rain. [Come with snow cover effect]

16) Thermography : Thermal camera vision.
DL :
17) Hatching Shader : Your model colors are like a sketch with colored pencil.

18) Object Luminous : Light the parts you want to. I used this effect on the hair, skirt and boots. This effect is pretty awesome. Tutorial :

19) Motion Blur : The fast moves of the model are a bit blured. It gives a nice speed touch.

20) Rainbow Ring : Place a rainbow ring on the stage where you want to.

21) Disco light : Place a disco light where you want on the stage.

22 x 23) Ninja Circle and Ninja Line : Naruto-like clones.
DL :

24) Aura : Place an aura where you want on the stage, especially around a model.

Model : IA
Stage : TK
Music x Motion : Bad Apple
Here it is ! Hope you enjoy this video and that was useful ! ^w^

See you later !