Download: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Fluttershy Edition Hack

By jdragondawn


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Hi everypony,

Now Fluttershy can fight Robotnik and save the cute litte animals trapped in those nasty robots!

If she found out inside every one of Robotnics robots a cute animal was trapped she would spring in to action and let nothing stop her from freeing every one of them ^^

I present here for your viewing pleasure "Sonic the hedgehog 3 (& Knuckles) Fluttershy Edition"

For fun a while back I hacked Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles on Sega Megadrive (Genesis for those of you in USA) so that instead of Tails you play as Rainbow Dash from the awesome My Little Pony Friendship is Magic show. It was tricky to do for a number of reasons but I just finished redrawing every sprite to be Fluttershy instead.

I do realise it has minor graphic glitches but I tried my best and kept those to a minimum. I tried my best with the limitations imposed by the game/console.

The video was taken with the game running in Gens emulator with the 2xSAI screen filter on to make game and Fluttershy look pretty. I recommend both for playing the game but you can use any emulator you wish to.

For those of you watching this and thinking that you would like to have a go yourself the game patch file can be downloaded
NOTE: this is an IPS patch file and you will require to obtain the original game rom to patch it with this file to play. I have done this for a few reasons. One is that you can use my patch in theory on various versions of this game rom that exist. Secondly Mediafire will have no reason to be mad at me and most importantly so sega don't have any reason to want to sue me ^^ For those of you unfamiliar how to use an IPS patch file I have tried to write a guide that is enclosed within the zip file.

This was created purely for fun and as always I hope everypony enjoys ^^