Download: stuffing a very gurgly belly

By MFBelly


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I want to try stuffings with a theme, instead of eating random food. What I was trying to do here was eat every meal of the day at once. I started with cereal and a banana for breakfast, tomato soup for lunch, and then pizza and root beer for dinner.

I stopped partway through because I was getting a little sick from eating too fast. I could have finished after a break, but honestly I wasn't into it. All that eating felt like a chore, I wasn't enjoying it enough for it to be worth the aching stomach. :P

So I didn't actually get very bloated this time. But luckily I was overfull enough for lots of burps and almost constant stomach gurgles at some points. Enjoy!

I’ve decided to accept suggestions for what I should do next. I don’t guarantee that I’ll do them, but I’ll definitely consider any ideas you have! But keep in mind:
— Stuffing and/or bloating only. I’m not interested in inflation, gaining, or anything else.
— I won’t show off any part of my body except my belly.
— I get bored eating/drinking just one thing, so I probably won’t take requests like “eat a whole pizza” or “drink x liters of this one beverage.”
— I’m more likely to take suggestions that are healthy (or as healthy as eating until your belly hurts can be lol). I don’t want to gain and I have to stay relatively fit for my job, so I’d rather eat stuff with actual nutrients than junk food.