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Bajaj Avenger 220 Street Review | 150 Street | First Ride India
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0:00 Avenger varients 220 Street, 220 Cruise and 150 Street
0:47 Bajaj Avenger Comfort and Ergonomics
1:39 ride and Handling
1:50 Performance of the Avenger Street 220
(220 cc single cylinder engine, 18.8 BHP, 17.5 Nm)
2:07 Avenger 220 Top speed 140 km/h
We ride the latest offering from Bajaj the 220 street, an urban cruiser on the open national highways.
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Last month Bajaj decided to refresh its old cruiser line, the Avenger. 3 new variants were released, the most
surprising bit was the 150 Street. A 150 cc commuter in the disguise of a full blown urban cruiser. The other two variants were the 220 Street and the 220 cruise. The Avengers Street 150 and 220 get the identical and all new styling. Whereas the 150 is targeted towards people who are looking for the mileage but want the
stylish looks of a retro cruiser if you ask me, the more serious biking audience will be looking towards the 220 Street; that's where the real fun it at!
Because cruisers are about being able to stretch your legs on the highway, they are about comfort, style and road presence and the comfort of a motorcycle starts with the saddle, the saddle of the Avenger, is an extremely wide and supportive design, it's comfortable but not too soft... long tours should be extremely easy. Pillion seat is a bit softer and it also gets a backrest but the comfort of the bike comes from few other things as well. Like the fact that there is no vibrations anywhere on the handlebars and foot-pegs, a very smooth engine and gearbox with the soft clutch complete the package. The ergonomics is also very relaxed but being a street version, the handlebars have been lowered a tad too much which is a little different from
the classic cruisers' ergonomics but once you get used to it you'll be able to get enough comfort and a lot better handling with the street 220. As I was saying the handlebar makes this bike surprisingly agile!
changing lanes while dodging trucks on the highway is so easy! I never expected such flick-ability from a cruiser!
Next, of course is, performance. The bike pulls strongly to a 130 kilometres per hour mark and I went past to even,140.... The power delivery is smooth and the throttle response is immediate, The motorcycle feels surprisingly light and it's only a 150 kg.
the power of around 19 BHP feels adequate and actually I was expecting a much heavier and slower bike
instead, I got a nimble motorcycle which pulls strongly towards the redline!
The most sought after thing in a cruiser is torque as it helps in those uphill climbs with luggage and doesn't make you shift all the time, making riding hassle-free. This is the thing where you can put your motorcycle in a higher gear and even if you are in the lower speed, you don't require shift it down all the time you can just accelerate and move out of it. If you have enough torque...
The amount of torque this motorcycle produces, is decent, especially if you consider how lightweight the motorcycle is but as it's a cruiser I would have still wanted a bit more torque but I fear that I'm asking for a bit too much of a 220 cc engine which is already performing so well!
Here's an idea though, why not put my Duke 390's 35 Newton meter torqued engine on a
cruiser and maybe retune a bit and lose the high PHP and get it to produce 45 Nm torque, so that's a motorcycle I would love to ride if Bajaj is listening. Back to the current motorcycle. The brakes up front is working rather well and the MRF tyres are definitely making the motorcycle very stable on the streets along
with the long wheelbase. We have completed the full road test and that video will be taking a little bit more time to process so please subscribe for the full review as for now the first impression of this bike is very, very strong on me...
I really can't find much fault with the motorcycle and my advice is, if you're interested take a test drive now and wait for the full review.
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