Download: Dream Theater "I Can Remember When" Documentary Highlights

By MrDreamTheater2


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0:00 Charlie Dominici discusses baby Petrucci
0:33 The band discusses Status Seeker
2:15 Ytse Jam crazy performance
4:18 Petrucci discusses The Killing Hand
7:38 The Killing Hand with Dominici on acoustic guitar
8:03 Kevin Moore discusses Light Fuse and Get Away
8:56 Kevin Moore discusses Only A Matter Of Time (John Myung lets out a girlish high-pitched laugh)
10:50 The band discusses U2’s influence on To Live Forever
13:02 Metropolis Part 1 early performance
16:18 Kevin Moore: not the tortured artist after all?
17:43 The Seoul of Dream Theater
19:52 Petrucci and Portnoy discuss Dominici’s departure
21:51 Dominici’s prophecy

I now have the full version of this on my channel, but I still highly encourage people to buy this DVD from Dream Theater (that is, if the Ytse Jam website is still working):

Full version: