Download: Pulpit Pimp Wars. Weeks Fires Back. Calls Bynum Abusive.

By IndependentConserv


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Two pulpit pimps going at it has done more than expose them as false. Now it's heading towards full scale implosion of both pimp empires via their own warring.

I could say more, but if you don't already realize, that NOT ONLY THESE TWO, but others in close affiliation with them are a bunch of vipers out for nothing but personal fame AND YOUR MONEY, I feel nothing I could say can convince you.

******Here's the deal******
Don't lose your soul like pulpit pimps going for money.
Matthew 16:26, you can't buy your way into Heaven and you can't give the creator of all anything to save yourself. This is why you need a savior. You need to embrace the Lord Jesus Christ, God's Only Son, who will save those who trust in Him alone, John 14.

No others proclaimed can save you but the Lord Jesus Christ, Acts 4:12.

Running from person to person looking for God is not going to save you, Matthew 24.

Only FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ and doing as HE HONESTLY COMMANDS, NOT WHAT SOMEONE TELLS YOU HE COMMANDS can save you. If you want to know what He commands, you must continue in study of the scriptures YOURSELF. No one else can work out YOUR SALVATION IN CHRIST for YOU, Philippians 2:12.