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We shoot a few darts out of a shotgun. I did not expect much from these. However, I am often wrong and I like to be surprised. The darts were compressed quite a bit from the shock of being fired out of a shotgun.

Many people might wonder why I chose THESE cheap dart. After all, the more MONEY you throw at something, the better it will work, right? A more expensive dart uses flights (fins) that are very fragile and they just slip into some slots at the back of the shaft. They'd never stay on the dart at near-supersonic speeds. The most-important factor that few people consider is distribution of weight on the shot cup of the shell. A skinny metal shaft is just going to pierce the soft plastic shot cup like nail. The flights would be stripped off at this point and we'd end up with a slow-moving, unguided rod instead of a dart. The cheap plastic darts were the best choice because they were the same, soft plastic material the shot cup is made of. Since they are one-piece, the fins couldn't be torn off. If I hadn't had these cheap darts, I never would have wasted my time trying this.

Thank you Darren for helping out. This idea was probably suggested 50 times by viewers.

About the muzzle brake on our Mossberg 590:
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