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By Sadhguru


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Sadhguru speaks about the spiritual process as being a journey from untruth to truth. Untruth essentially means being entangled in one's identifications. Going beyond these limitations is a way of realizing truth or one's ultimate nature.​



Sadhguru: If… If every day if one’s life, if every hour and moment of our life, if it has to be a forward movement, if it has to be a process of growth and not stagnation, it is important that we are in constant communion with that which is the ultimate truth. In identifying ourselves with limited aspects of who we are, we are identified with many things. If you… I have seen in the families, sometimes different people have different plates to eat. In case you change the plates and give, there will be a big argument. The plates don’t taste nor can you eat them. It neither tastes good nor does it nourish you (Laughs), but the plate – ‘This is my plate; I will not eat in your plate’ – a very important thing.

So anything that you touch, anything that you sit upon, anything that you set your eyes upon, you get identified. What this means is – let’s say you don’t know how to drive… there are many people who are doing this, particularly I see two wheeler drivers, you will see their brake light is always burning because they got the brake half down and their one leg is down. This man is heading for a big mess. (Laughs) If you want to ride, both your legs should be up and your leg should be off the brake unless it’s needed. Have you seen people going around with the brake light on, all the time? Because they got the brakes, because they think it’s safe to keep the brakes down. As you get identified with this thing and that thing and that thing you’re throwing your anchor, hoping your ship will go somewhere. It’ll only sink. There’s only one place it can go. Not like this (Laughs), it can go only like this. (Gestures)

So Sathsangatve Nissangathvam means – what these four lines are trying to tell you is just this, that if you’re in communion with truth, your associations will be just associations, not attachments. You will know involvement in life, but you will not know entanglement in your life because… not because it’s right or wrong, with brakes on if you try to go somewhere, you will burn yourself up and then you think life is a miserable thing. Yes, if you have brakes fully on and try to drive, it is… driving is a miserable process, no question about that. So if one has to constantly be on the move, if one has to let his life fly, not crawl; if one has to evolve, if evolution is an ongoing process for you, if your idea of evolution is only to the extent that Charles Darwin endorsed it – that is your spine got little shorter – you know, it used to be long and hanging out, now it got little shorter – you can sit little more comfortably. You don’t have to roll it up. If that is all is the idea of evolution, that’s one way to live – little better than a monkey, but much more troublesome than a monkey, much more destructive than a monkey. If that is the idea of evolution, it’s fine, but if your intention is to evolve as an ongoing process – every day, every hour, every moment, if you want to evolve, the brake should go off. Only then it’ll roll.

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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