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By floridabeachhunter


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How to Grow Sugar Cane in Your Yard: Part II, Update
This is an update to my previous video on how to get sugar cane started in your backyard in Florida or in a similar climate. Watch the first video here: . I started the cane in December 2012, then planted the successful canes into the ground in early summer 2013, then harvested in December 2013. I did successfully harvest 8 canes, but also lost some canes to fungus and to termites. Gardening is not trouble-free. You just have to keep trying. I'll be planting more cane, but I'll be more careful about where I get my seed cane so I don't plant cane that is infected with fungus. I'll be looking into solutions for the termite problem. I'd rather not use chemical insecticides, so I'll be looking for alternatives. Perhaps Borax powder? Thanks for watching, and please leave comments regarding your ideas and your experience.
Video transcript below:
This is an update to a video I did during the summer where I
talked about different ways to get sugar cane started in your
back yard in Florida.
This is the cane right before I planted it. And you can watch that
video right here on my YouTube channel, I'll put up a link to it.

Here's what the cane looked like after I planted it. This was a very
very wet summer, you can see the ground is very saturated.

The cane grew very well.

And here's the cane a year after I started it and about six months
after I planted it in the ground, so this is December of 2013. The
cane grew very well but I had a problem with fungus on the leaves
as you can see how some of the leaves are turning brown and yellow, so I decided it was time to harvest. Here's the cane right before I harvested it.

Growing underneath the cane is a huge Thai basil bush that just
came up there on its own.

So, there's about eight canes here. There are some younger canes
coming up too, but as I'll show you in a minute, there's a problem.

Here you go, termites! Termites got into my cane. And, this is a young cane here, that had just fell apart from the termites, you can see that they come right up into the cane itself and bring soil up into the cane to sort of fill it in as they hollow it out. And the whole thing is just completely destroyed (just this one cane). I can just mash it with my fingers and just crush it. It's completely destroyed. I'm pulling it out of the ground and it comes out very easily. Very disappointing.

It [the termites] did not get all the canes though. As I said, I did get eight nice canes to eat.

Lets go take a look at this other clump over here. I'm going to pull some of these old dry leaves off, and you can see right at the base of the cane something doesn't look right. Sure enough there's termites just getting started in this fairly young cane. And I can just snap it right off. You can't see them I don't think, but there are live termites crawling around down in there.

The other canes here though are just fine. I'm not sure if that reddish color is actually the color of the cane or if that's part of the fungus. I suspect it's just the coloration of the cane. This is a yellow, sort of a yellowish-green cane...and here's
another look at the fungus on the leaves. They're kind of sad looking. I couldn't stand looking at them any more so I decided to harvest before the first cold.

Here's a view of the inside of a cane that's been hollowed out by
the termites...I'm having trouble getting it in focus...but you can see the termites moving around down in there. They just hollow it out.

And here's a better, more in-focus shot of the initial tunnel that they make up through the cane and those are live termites in there
eating away at the cane. They gradually eat the whole thing.

But here's the cane. Eight nice canes that I did harvest. The fungus or the termites did not affect the taste of the cane as far as I can tell.

It's still sweet and soft and I enjoyed eating them. However, I'm not
going to use them as seed cane for next year because I'm assuming that they are contaminated with fungus. So I'm going to get some cane from a neighbor who has been growing very healthy cane for quite a few years. And hopefully I'll have better luck with that. Maybe it's more resistant to the fungus.

So I hope you've enjoyed this update. Leave comments. Tell me
about your experiences, link to your videos, whatever. Thanks again.

This is BeachHunter. Keep up with your gardening. Just because you have a setback like this with termites don't let that stop you. Keep on trying!