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By 한반지 영화 예고편 처리장


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포인트 브레이크 1차:
2015 개봉작들:

• 원제: Point Break
• 감독: Ericson Core
• 미국 개봉일: 2015년 12월 25일
• 한국 개봉일: 2016년 1월 7일
• 음악:
1. Keys N Krates - Hypnotik
2. Future Heroes - Orchid

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Point Break Official Trailer #2 English Transcript

When you join the FBI, you join the frontline between order and chaos.
And in today's world, you know how easy it is to lose perspective?
Identify these individuals and report back to me.
You ever surf anything like this?
I've surfed.
Yeah, but you ever surfed anything like this?
Welcome, brother.
They call me Bodhi.
Three crimes, three continents.
I think they're connected.
They're attempting something called the Ozaki 8.
A series of eight ordeals that honor the forces of nature.
So this is about enlightenment?
What are you dong here, Utah?
Maybe I'm chasing the 8.
A man who pushes his boundaries ultimately finds them.
Come with us.
Are you being undercover for what, two weeks?
They're using the money from the crimes to follow Ozaki's teachings.
We have to give more than we take.
There's a few billion dollars up there.
You're gonna steal it?
We're gonna give it back.
You've been undercover too long.
What just went down was a crime.
People see what they wanna see.
They think they're crusaders with a worthy cause.
What side are you on?
I need to get to Bodhi before the final ordeal, otherwise he's gone.
Bodhi, stop!
We're all gonna die.
The only questions is how.