Download: Xbox One Terraria 1.2.4 Solo Duplication Glitch [Single Player 2 Controllers]

By Luke Games


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Hey! Luke Games here. Here is a Next gen Terraria dupe glitch for Xbox one and PS4, with this duplicating glitch you need 2 controllers and 2 signed in accounts and you're away! It's titled solo as you do NOT need 2 or OR xbox live just 2 actual account that you can sign in. It does NOT work with guest accounts. OPEN "Show more" for steps...

Steps to follow:
1. Load up your world.
2. Sign in controller 2 with an actual account ( Can be silver or a local xbox account you have made, it will disconnect you from live. You can also make them free just create a new one)
3. Go to SETTINGS and be sure auto save is OFF for BOTH account.
4. Drop the items to the second signed in controller.
5. Save with the second controller.
6. Once saved drop all of the items back to controller one. (Or alternatively on the floor/in a chest)
7.Open up the xbox menu with the SECOND controller, click the account in top left hand corner, click your name then sign OUT. It should say bye *name here*.
8. All your items will be on your main character, sign the second one back in and the magic happens, rinse and repeat until you are done.

This will work on the Xbox one, Xbox 360 and i believe it works for PS4 or PS4 be it's untested. FULLY works on Xbox one and 360 so don't comment saying this does not work, i'll update the video title when the glitch is fixed. Do not try this glitch as a guest account! Also use at your own discretion, it's a glitch, a bug, if you lose your items don't come to me saying i made you lose items because you're trying to use a glitch in the first place.

I'm not using this for my let's play i will be keeping my let's play fully legitimate hence why i made new world/char, i deleted them after the video.
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