Download: (MTV) Aeon Flux Series - Season 3 (1995) - Episode 5 - The Demiurg

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The story starts with a battle between Monican agents and Breen forces. Æon and the Monicans had captured an astral being called the Demiurge, which is threatening to dangerously warp people's view of the world, and are preparing to launch it into space. Trevor is determined to stop them, believing that the Demiurge will ensure a lasting peace for humanity. The rocket is successfully launched after a long and costly battle, but not before the Demiurge instils parts of itself in earthly Avatars: a cat, a bird and a resurrected Monican agent named Nader. Over the course of the episode, the three Avatars meet different fates: the bird is captured by Æon in a Monican morgue and apparently vanishes, the cat is nearly killed by Nader's lover Celia, who was obeying her lover's last request to her, but prevents its death only to fade when alone, and Nader is taken to a Breen base for experimentation, where he begins to show signs of pregnancy.
Æon has gone to her apartment, an unstable structure supported by a single cable, and seen Nader's condition. Celia, apparently wanting to steal the Bird Avatar, infiltrates the home and is killed by Æon, without the assassin even seeing whom she has killed. Æon goes to kill Nader's 'baby', but is too late to stop Trevor extracting it; it is a new humanoid form of the Demiurge. As the Demiurge's power manifests itself in people nearby as extreme positive and negative emotions, Æon and Trevor fight over it as it rapidly grows to maturity, taking on a physical form similar to its host. Celia is resurrected by the Demiurge and carried to safety when Æon's home, where the Demiurge takes refuge, collapses when the cable supporting it snaps. The Demiurge is apparently buried in the rubble, but Trevor is sure it is still alive. Æon, despite his protests, assures him that it knows they have its best interests at heart. The episode ends with Trevor carrying Æon, who had saved herself and Trevor by hanging onto a piece of rubble from the structure, to safety, and Nader, restored to a normal living state by the Demiurge's power, reuniting with Celia.