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Video showing all off-guard/betrayal kills in Undertale. These are kills where attacking a monster at its most vulnerable moment will kill it in one hit. Experimental quality.

0:00 Toriel's kill.
3:15 Papyrus
9:18 Shyren (despite the low damage, this actually is a special kill, normally it'd only do about 50 damage and it wouldn't kill)
10:21Royal Guards
12:58 Muffet
14:23 Sans, who does this to YOU.

Random video information (aka what I mean by experimental quality)
Toriel segment encoded with huffyuv → lagarith → lagarith → x264 → YouTube
Papyrus segment encoded with ffvhuff → ProRes → lagarith → x264 → YouTube
Shyren segment encoded with ffvhuff → H.264 → lagarith → x264 → YouTube
Royal Guards segment coded with ffvhuff → ProRes → lagarith → x264 → YouTube
Muffet segment recorded with huffyuv → H.264 → lagarith → x264 → YouTube

Sans segment is actually two parts strewn together.
First part: huffyuv → raw avi file → ProRes → lagarith → x264 → YouTube
Second part: ffvhuff → H.264 → lagarith → x264 → YouTube

The bonus hardmode footage is: lagarith → lagarith → x264 → YouTube

Want to see an almost lossless video that's just lagarith → lagarith → YouTube? See this:
It would be lossless if a certain video editors weren't so bad and don't enforce bilinear resizing.

although you probably don't care about any of this
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