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If you have trypophobia, there are a lot of potential cures. I think confronting your fear is the best option, and also understanding the images you are looking at. If a photo is made in photoshop or with Hollywood makeup, then there is no reason to worry about it. That's just my opinion though. How do you plan to treat your trypophobia? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you! Also, please check out for more about curing trypophobia!

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Warning. This video contains information about the psychological fear of holes. It is known as trypophobia. If you have Trypophobia, this video may trigger that fear.

Havening: A new way of healing.

Havening is a revolutionary new therapy that has been developed by genius medical doctor Dr. Ronald Ruden from New York. It is a very simple, yet stunningly effective process that combines touch and therapeutic patterns (such as counting and humming) in a very specific way that enables clients to bust right through many phobias.

The Havening technique (or Amygdala Depotentiation Technique ADT, as it is referred to in a clinical setting) has been successfully field tested with more than 10.000 clients so far and as the evidence so far suggests may very well be the most effective as well as efficient way to get rid of phobias!
This has to be done on a neurological level - actual changes in the brain will have to happen. This is done by first focussing on the feeling you want to get rid of (trypophobia, in this case) and afterwards giving strong impulses to the brain that will de-link the symptomatic reaction. One way this is being achieved is by activating different areas of the brain by counting, humming, etc. . Havening uses a very systematic, straightforward process for this that makes it easy to reap the results - all one needs to do is follow instructions closely. Then, there's the so-called Havening Touch: A process where different areas of the body (such as the head, or the arms) are being touched in a way that will trigger the immediate release of "feeling well hormones" - such as oxytocine and serotonine, for example. This will create the biochemical brain landscape necessary for immediate and lasting change to happen.

For clients, doing the process is an amazingly simple and enjoyable experience: Most people having experienced Havening report a sense of well-being and relief right away.

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