Download: Transformers: Age Of Extinction Crosshairs Animation

By AnimatedMirage


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Edit 6/19/16: I'm getting tired of comments that say things like "You copied Osro", or "Osro does this better". I'm well aware of Osro and his videos, and yeah he's great. I make 30 second videos of Transformers transforming, so naturally they're going to bear some resemblance to other people who do the same type of thing; but no, I didn't copy, and there are quite a few people aside from Osro who do transformers animations like this, it's not exclusively his thing. Most of my videos use a unique 3D perspective that's distinct from Osro, the only reason I used a front view for this one is because I couldn't get the Corvette to look right. If you only came here to say that I "copied Osro", your comment will be removed; if I keep getting similar comments I'll have to shut down the comment section altogether or ban the word 'Osro' from my channel. Please offer constructive criticism or none at all.

Sorry I've been away so long. Here's a brand new animation, Crosshairs from Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.
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