Download: MMD PV // Eyes on me // Miku x Kaito // Song from Final Fantasy VIII

By Kanna HopesFeathers


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My first complete mmd animation. Its not perfect, I hate working with the hands for one thing... and my walking and running is a bit funky, but I'm very proud of it considering I've really tried to animate in MikuMikuDance to this extent, not to mention because of the sheer amount of time, hard work, and patience it took for me to finish it.

As far as the story goes, it sort of follows a version of Miku and Kaito's relationship through an amv like format, from him shyly watching her singing in the bar, to her coming and talking to him when he otherwise would've stayed illusive. Then it shows their times together away from the bar once their relationship grows to be a more passionate one, even if Miku herself isn't quite sure of herself at times.

After Kaito leaves her at her home (not the hotel room in which they first hung out), there is a time jump. I'm not certain how clear it is in the animation, but Kaito comes across a thug in the back alleys of the bar, who is trying to break in through the backdoor. Miku, dressed up for her performance, having spotted Kaito going around back follows him, only to realize the danger of the situation. Having heard her footsteps, Kaito panics upon sight of her, not wanting her to get hurt. But with his eyes locked with hers, not even the horror etched upon her face or her cries could've warned him quick enough to avoid the blade thrust into him from behind. Forunately, their situation has drawn the attention of another of the bar attenders, Len Kagamine. Wither he has attended to watch Miku sing or simply to relax, its unknown, but thankfully, he having just arrived had heard the commotion. He puts the thug out of commotion, something Kaito probably would've done himself had he not gotten sidetracked by Miku's bad-timing of an arrival. With them safe, Len evokes help from his sister Rin, who's profession is a doctor. They take Kaito back to the hospital where he later recuperates, his condition and the medicine keeping him under for far too long. Blaming herself, for having distracted him at such a critictal time, Miku waits depressingly for his awakening. There is another time jump. Kaito awakens for the first time and he finds Miku asleep on the bed beside him. The sight, so shocking as it was, was nothing compared to the sweetness of the moment when she awakens.

The final time jump, taking place years later. Back in the bar, Miku and Kaito are together once again, their relationship even stronger than ever. They hold and love on another and then they kiss. However, like the scenario of years ago, Miku breaks away from him, a smile upon her face. He mopes, obviously rejected, but soon she reassures him by reminding that that they had an observer, one that they simply could not ignore.


Miku 1052 China daughter type G
Miku 1052 Ver105a type G (Normal-black)
Miku 1052 Ver105a type G (Normal-white)
Miku 1052 Ver105a type G (swim)
Models by FGouriki
Miku 1052 Nanoha Poi by RuiRui
Petit Miku Lat by puredetaanosouko

Kaito Project Diva by Mamama-P
Kaito Project Diva Canterella by ShikaneNaraE (Harner Productions) V.2 on Deviantart
Kaito DT Swim by vocaloidaddict922

The rest of the credits are on the video. Description was too long.