Download: How to install LabyMod (Make 1.8 feel like 1.7!)

By Refraction


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► Hope this works out for you guys! Please try to help anyone you see struggling in the comments, I am really not good with Mods not working / error messages at all. Links and the text file text can be found here:
Compatible mods; the page that I downloaded Optifine from:
Notepad text:
java -jar labymod.jar

Steps to install Minecraft LabyMod for 1.8:
1. Go to and click the download button.
2. Download the latest version of LabyMod, currently LabyMod v2.5 for Minecraft 1.8.0.
3. Create a folder called "LabyMod" on your desktop.
4. Drag the LabyMod jar file into the folder.
5. Double click on the LabyMod - if it opens an installer, skip to step 8. If it opens it in WinRAR or something similar, read steps 6 and 7.
6. Rename the LabyMod jar file to "labymod" and create a new text document in the LabyMod folder that you created.
7. Open the text document and type, without the speech-marks, "java -jar labymod.jar". Go to file, save as, make sure it says "Save as type: All Files", and enter the file name as "labymod.bat" - note that this MUST be saved in the LabyMod folder. Double click it to run the bat file and the installer should open.
8. Go to and download the latest version of Optifine, as well as any other modification that you may wish to use, bear in mind the only compatible mods with this mod are the ones listed on this page, however.
9. Drag the optifine jar file into the LabyMod folder.
10. In the installer, click on "Add other Mods to install list", and find the optifine jar in your LabyMod folder and double click on it.
11. Press install LabyMod and wait for it to finish installing.
12. Run the LabyMod by selecting the "LabyMod" profile in your versions list - should be automatically selected.
13. Enjoy!
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