Download: Slim Jesus - Drill Time PARODY ( LiL MoCo - CHOLO TIME )

By spacejamgardenz


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That white boy Slim Jesus aint the only one with skills…

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LYRICS to Slim Jesus - Drill Time ( CHOLO PARODY)

[Verse 1]
I fuck with tamales, you a white boy and you can’t hang
You can find me posted up at the Swapmeet with my fuckin' gang
You better not talk shit, about the raiders never winning a game
Or I pull up to your hyenas house, with all my homies and bust a train
Fuck the cops they always tripping, i know my rights, fuck donald trumpJ
We found chapo, now we rollin', in a pick up truck we gone fuck you upJ
I did my chores, mom cooked pozole, grab a plate,hurry up its hot
but before i go to the homies house, my moms a bitch she makes me mop
I paid 12 bucks for the swap meet belt, and my first initial hold up my pants
Met a hyna off instagram but she was photoshopped she don’t got no ass
I hear policia and I’ll climb a wall like spiderman
On the way to a kickback we ran out of fucking gas
Always bouncing a check, Yeah homie i do crimes
You a broke hyna that rocks designer, but live at ur moms right
Thought you could look rich and live in the high life?
'Til you get caught at the swapmeet, buying fake shit, at the wrong time

Got a couple homies and they ride with me
And they down to ditch when it's lunch time
Make these foos do a beer run
If they’re trine get in that gang life
[Slowed down and reversed]

[Verse 2]
Now it's back to the pad with a nickel sack
Rolling up a blunt this stress is wack
Got a long elote for your hyenas ass
Cuz she’s hella easy with her stoopit ass
I Walk in court grabbing on my sack
I got a big pito, She need both hands
Pick ur girl up off the street, like a garbage can
Keep a condom on me at all times, cuz child support got me broke man
Drunk as fuck, off Heineken MY dick curves like a kick stand
Keep my lucas tucked on my right side, my dad is the paletero man
And if I catch you in my neighborhood ill sweat your ass like its gym class
Just so you know, Take ur sister out on a fuckin' date
I’ma bend her over hit it from the back My shit is long like a fucking snake
Aint afraid to sneak in through her window when its hella late
And her moms tripping, I'mma fuck her too and have her wide open like a briefcase
I’ma hit it