Download: Through The Fire And Flames (Rock Band 3) expert vocals harmonies 100% FC [TEAM CENA]

By PMS Lammy


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You know I had to do this one. :p Seriously though, this is a pretty fun song to sing. For me the challenges in this song are (1) the range, and (2) breathing. The range is not bad as I can hit all the notes easily, but I have to transition between chest voice and head voice mid-phrase all over the place which can be pretty difficult. Also, the phrases are rapidfire so finding places to breathe can be tricky, especially if you're belting the song out at all.

The hardest part of this song, though? THE PERCUSSION SECTION: by far the most ridiculously difficult set of taps I've ever encountered and thank goodness missing them doesn't break your combo, otherwise I'd give this song a devil tiering on vocals for the taps alone. I guess they felt us vocalists were getting off the hook a little too easy on this song so they wanted to give us just a tiny hint of the stress and insanity that our bandmates experience. :p

Lastly, I want to point out that this is not the first time we've gotten to sing this song in a rhythm game. I made an FC video of this song from Guitar Hero: Smash Hits last year:

This video was made by doing three runs through the song. The Lead was done in Solo Quickplay. The Harmony parts were done in Practice Mode (Expert difficulty), isolating one part at time. The audio and video from all three runs were combined to make the finished product you see here.

Song: Through The Fire And Flames
Artist: DragonForce
Game: Rock Band 3
Mode: Expert Vocals (Solo Quickplay for Lead, Practice Mode for Harmonies)
Platform: XBox 360


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