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YouTube upload 46 Orchid Cloud forest greenhouse Maintains Humidity of 90-95%. The heat is set to 55F, The Air conditioning set point is 80F, and when on, is channel through 9 foggers and blows up and through the Dracula orchids first. Any time RH drops Below 90% the foggers come on to maintain that set point. At controlled points I will override the fogger allowing it to stay on and create the thick fog. On hot days with all on the vents open, the RH drops and the fogger cant keep up so a plastic sheet is fitted over the Dracula Orchids and the AC and Fog gets channeled up and thought them first before entering the greenhouse. Once the sun is gone for the day, the greenhouse quickly returns to 90%RH. Sun loving orchids thrive in the hi humidity as well. Cattleya, Vanda, Brassia, and Dendrobiums thrive on the south wall, while the Draculas, Masdevallia and there like thrive on the south wall. phalaenopsis Oncidiums, Paphs and Phrags spike and bloom freely on the east wall and Phals bloom nicely on the west side (which is next to the house).