Download: 6 Best Bank Fishing Hacks - Catch fish from the bank

By Catfish and Carp


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6 best bank fishing hacks to catch fish from shore.

1) Build a depth finder with a fishing tackle and a water bottle. Carp fishermen call this a marker float. Marker floats allow you to measure the water depth while bank fishing. You can buy marker floats for measuring the water depth from the bank at or you can build your own marker float. DIY marker float.

2) Cast accurately to the same spot every time while fishing from shore. Using a line clip to cast accurately is nothing new. You can also use distance sticks (Two sticks driven in the ground 10 feet apart) to measure the distance to a given location out in the water, then record the distance, mark your line and hit that spot every time you come back to fish.

3) Protect your fishing line from wind and boats (Make your own back lead). You can buy professionally made specialty back leads at or you can make your own with a paperclip.

4) DIY free rod holder - never lose your rod. A straight smooth strong stick is all you need while bank fishing.

5) $8 live well from IKEA.
Keep your bait and catch alive, cool and aerated while bank fishing with a collapsible laundry basket from IKEA.

6) Get rid of fish smell with a bottle of Windex glass cleaner.

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