Download: HHO Gas-Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas running on a Chevrolet HHR

By HHO Gas Technology


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To everyone watching this video regarding the vacuum valve sensor. The vacuum valve sensor must not get any water inside where the diaphragm is operating or it will keep it in the on position. The diaphragm is a very sensitive rubber piece and water between the case and the diaphragm will keep it in a on position. It is recommended to put it in a enclosed container watertight. I found this out when I had the device setting on the outside of the car testing it and I decided to wash the inside of the engine area with the car in the off position and seen it working still. This vacuum valve was designed for a furnace in a dry environment and I recommend for everyone using one keep it dry.

Regarding the furnace vacuum diaphragm after a period of running the furnace vacuum diaphragm it is such a sensitive unit that a hole developed in the diaphragm causing a vacuum leak. This diaphragm on the furnace vacuum valve is a very thin film around the diaphragm plate inside. I found a company that manufactures vacuum switches designed for automobiles that should arrive at my door on November 12, 2008. When the automobile is on idle this is where the vacuum is at its highest point and if the diaphragm can not handle the intense vacuum it will develop a whole in the diaphragm membrane. I received my O2 sensor box and using it by it's self on my automobile I have improved my gas mileage from 30-32 Highway to 36-39 Highway until the old furnace diaphragm got a hole in it and then I seen a reduction. I will being doing another test when the new vacuum switch that is designed for the automobile arrived and I would do another O2 sensor box road test. The O2 sensor box controls the manifold O2 sensor and the catalytic converter O2 sensor on the exhaust system. After running a test on the O2 sensor box and showing it on video. I will be adding the hydrogen & oxygen generator back onto the car and showing them running together with additional improvements to the generator because of the winner season arriving in Michigan.

Beware of other individuals selling hydrogen oxygen machines without safety being a number one issue. As you see in my experimental videos, I keep speaking about safety over and over because it is very important to everyone dealing with HHO gas. HHO gas is extremely explosive and if a Manufacturer cannot show you a video demonstrating their safeties beware of what you buy. This video you are watching shows my complete system on the vehicle. Before it was put on the car all testing was done off the car assuring you that the safeties do work as I state. Watch the other videos that are posted close to the date of posting of this video for all the tests that were done. Nothing is 100% but it is better than nothing.

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