Download: My Little Pony Rarity Party Day Friendship Celebration Cutie Mark Magic App Game!

By quaketoys


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Wondercolts Archer Applejack:

Wondercolts Archer Fluttershy:

Shadowbolts Archer Twilight Sparkle:

Shadowbolts Archer Sour Sweet:

Wondercolts School Spirit Rarity:

Wondercolts School Spirit Pinkie Pie:

Shadowbolts School Spirit Sunny Flare:

Shadowbolts School Spirit Lemon Zest:

We tried to leave a little extra time so you can scan each figure to unlock the Equestria Girls app. Preview the app unlocking the MLPEGFG dolls here:

Or a longer look at the app with first unlocks here:

*****Update unlocking Fluttershy, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle and DJ Pon's minigame:

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Hi Guys! Sorry for the video of a game instead of direct recording. For some reason my usual good old app will not work with either MLP app even with touch assist (but thank you so much for everyone who sent in suggestions). I tried a different way and it's stuck in imovie grr! I'm working on it though and hope to have it fixed soon.

So not the best video but we've had several requests to see the app with scanning the different ponies and seeing the various pony parties. Every day, a different pony throws a party. There are special things that happen in each party and a different mini-game that you can play every day. My Ladybug is in love with this game and plays it daily. Today's pony is Rarity and her sewing game.

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