Download: Undertale Omega Flowey Damageless

By Adrylek


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So.. this happened.
Undertale's Omega Flowey without taking any hit. Done with a GameCube controller and a Mayflash PC and Wii U adapter.
Check the whole description for a pastebin of every possible RNG + how to avoid the attacks.

I've done lots of hard ILs that took forever to complete, from Champion's Road in Super Mario 3D World in 141 seconds,
that took me 1 whole month full of attempts, to Mario Maker levels that took around 15 hours, but this was by far the
most frustrating one of them all.
This, from start to finish, took me 97 hours (I timed it from the very beginning) including practice and every attempt.
It wasn't even that what made it so frustrating, but the fact that I had no idea if it was ever gonna happen.
In the last 2-3 days I was about to quit because I felt like it was too crazy for this to actually happen, even if I had
close attempts.
But honestly, I must say that for the most part, this was super fun to do =)

One of the biggest problems were the resets. Everytime you get out of the first section, whenever you open the game you are in the second one, and you have to edit the game files in order to set the game at the first one again. What I did was, I opened the game 10ish times when I had a save file in the first section, so they all started there. It didn't lag at all, and it made the resets much much faster. If that didn't work, I probably would have given up.

This whole fight is a RNG (Random Number Generator, basically luck) fest, there isnt a single second where you are safe,
and bad RNG can easily make you get hit no matter what. So this was pretty much a huge grind, to get good RNG in 10
minutes, and perform really hard play at the same time.

I'm writting all this when the video is rendering, and my heart hasn't even calmed down since the very last 5 seconds of
the fight.

During the last days I've learnt a huge amount of knowledge of this fight, and I'd be kinda sad if no one could ever
know what I was thinking at every moment of the fight, since there are a bunch of things I had to think of.
I know it will kinda go to waste, but I'll try to explain the different possible RNGs, what to do in every attack and
stuff like that. You can take it as random knowledge, maybe it can help you do this fight casually (doubt it, since it's
really easy casually) or you can be a crazy guy like me that might want to attempt this too.

I'll get into the general information of the fight first, since it's important to know before getting into the attacks.

Even if most people would probably segment the fight in 7 parts, I think of it was simply 2.
The first one would be the 6 first phases, and the second one the very last one.

The first day I attempted this, I thought that it was gonna be 100% impossible to actually complete a damageless run of
the 2 phases, since even getting out of the first 20 seconds without getting hit was super hard.
In the first phase there are 6 sections, and I managed to do the very first one in about 2 hours. I thought that I'd keep
grinding until I was able to get a really good run up to the 6th section, and call it done.
That happened for the first time the 3rd day, but I wasn't satisfied, since I had improved a lot. So I tried to practice
the second phase (the one were you actually hit Flowey).

It was waaaay harder than everything else. Every attack comes out earlier, meaning that in the last 2-3 seconds of one
attack, the next one already comes out, making most of the strats I had basically useless, so everything was much harder.
I was about to give up again, but I kept practicing nonstop for hours and hours, until I decided that I'd grind runs for
the rest of my life if it was necessary (I know how it sounds, believe me).

After that a full week of attempts came, one of the most frustrating weeks of my life, since it seemed I was never gonna
do it.

Now, putting my struggling appart, I'll get into more detail about every attack.

Youtube doesn't let me put a long description, so I'll put it all in a pastebin:

Read the pastebin for information of every attack, and what to do in situations.

As expected, some people have said things like "now do Sans" or stuff like that. I actually have done Sans damageless as well, but it's way easier than it looks. You can avoid his hardest attack (the one where he throws you to a wall) by just holding the 4 arrow keys in the keyboard, so after that it became a grind to get to the final attack and do it without taking damage. Took 1-2 hours.
I didn't upload the video since I saw no point on doing it, because it had been uploaded by NoHit Runs already.

Also, sorry for not having the best quality, I hope this does :/

And by the way, if for some reason you found this video and have no idea what's Undertale about, go play it, it's an amazing game, don't judge it only for this fight :)