Download: T-Pose Screen Result Glitch in Super Smash Bros Wii U (AKA T-Stance)

By Master0fHyrule


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Remember how I covered the video on the transformation glitch of some characters being able to be controlled on the Result Screen in Super Smash Bros Wii U? Well, today we got another Screen Result Glitch called the "T-Pose" Glitch (AKA T-Stance) where the characters have their arms spread apart and their whole body is shaped like a "T" (except for Link and possibly other characters).

To do the glitch is very simple but very hard and random to pull off and could take you quite a while just to get it working. All you have to do is hit the home button right after you win or lose a game. At first we kept skipping the transition but that was wrong.. You need to see the transition!

This was discovered by the user Globs (Also, the user who sent it to me, THANKS!)

So far we can't get it with a mix of characters in one screen which I'm guessing it's cause of of their animations differences? (just a theory, A GAME THEORY! (Sorry, just had to say that, always wanted to)

I would love to do this for every character but to do that would take a very long time just to do it, it would be very frustrating and annoying due to the freeze ups and countless failures. Though, if fans wants to record different characters and I put it all in one video, I would love to do that (Though, to do it, you'll have to record it in at least 480p quality with a capture card).

Fill Free to try this glitch out in Super Smash Bros Wii U. I'm not sure if it will work on the 3DS as I have not tested.

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