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Alrighty guys it is Qaaman here today bringing you the ULTIMATE Dragon Ball Z Tag answering 21 questions about the series.

Check out the questions here:

The ULTIMATE Dragon Ball Z Tag

1. Who is your favorite Character and Why?
2. Who is your favorite Villain and Why?
3. What is your favorite Quote or Statement?
4. Which is your favorite female character? ( Assuming one isn’t your favorite)
5. What is your favorite Fight? ( Includes everything)
6. What is your favorite episode?
7. What is your favorite Dragon Ball Song? ( Any type of song)
8. What is your favorite Movie or Special?
9. What is your favorite race in Dragon Ball?
10. What is your favorite Dragon Ball Video Game?
11. If you were in the Dragon Ball world, who would you train with?
12. What is the saddest Dragon Ball Moment?
13. What is the most shocking moment?
14. What is the funniest Dragon Ball Moment and who is the funniest character?
15. What is the most memorable moment ?
16. How do you prefer to Watch Dragon Ball? ( Original, Funimation, Kai or Other)
17. What is something you have of Dragon Ball that most fans don’t have?
18. Which fake transformation, fusion or character do you like the most?
19. What is the #1 thing you love about Dragon Ball?
20. What is the #1 Thing you hate about Dragon Ball?
21. Where does Dragon Ball Series rank in your favorite Anime of all time?

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