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ТЕХНА constantly implements innovative technologies and offers the market high quality products.

Natural bird's maintenance in developed countries is enshrined in law.

We have created an alternative system for laying hens "Baltika" series maintenance, which meet all the requirements
United States certification and EU directives.

"Baltika" system is made of high quality steel with zinc-aluminum coating and has high durability and reliability. Special design allows to use poultry house area efficiently.

Space in the aisles and under the equipment is used for birds pasture. It significantly minimized bird’s stress.

Birds always have an access to the pasture and can move freely not only inside the hen house, but also outside.

Birds’ maintenance conditions are close to the natural and are the basis of organic poultry managment.

The technological performance of the equipment facilities laying hens’ smooth movement around the hen house.

Atomation of egg harvest process allows to reduce labor costs and ensure eggs’ quality "Baltika" system allows to maintain a comfortable temperature for poultry.

Chain feeding system increases the feeding space.

Space under the equipment is also used for birds pasture.

Watering lines provide birds with the required amount of water.
"Baltika" is equipped with large number of perches and it creates ideal conditions for birds’ life.
Special nests are designed for chicken’s privacy during laying time.

Led lighting installed inside equipment provides energy saving. Thanks to the lighting the number of floor-layed eggs is minimized.

After leaving the equipment, chicken goes to the opening in the wall, through which it leaves the hen house and returns home in the same way.

The territory provided is enough for whole flock full-range pasture.

Alternative "Baltika" system for laying hens maintenance allows you to certify your product in any country of the world and have a stable sale to hgh-price and high-quality organic product segment.

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