Download: Power Rangers Super Megaforce - All Power Rangers Legendary Morphs (Mighty Morphin - Samurai)

By Neo-Saban Power Rangers


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All Power Rangers Legendary Ranger Mode Morphs in Power Rangers Super Megaforce Episodes 1-20 and Legendary Battle Extended Edition.

With the Legendary Morpher and Ranger Keys, the Power Rangers can morph into every team of Legendary Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Samurai), gaining access to their powers, weapons, Zords and Megazords. #ItsMorphinTime

Power Rangers Super Megaforce is adapted from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (Super Sentai).

This video features popular seasons, including Power Rangers Time Force, S.P.D., and RPM. Legendary Squadron (Dairanger) and other Sentai seasons (Bioman and Changeman) are also included in this video. .

Saban's Power Rangers Movie (2017) is now in theaters. All-new episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Steel return later this year.

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