Download: (Airsoft) MP7 KSC Custom

By KhanSeb


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I bought this gun second handed. This specific model is hard to find now, but you can buy the KWA or the Umarex version. This gun used to be sold on UNCompany for 430 USD :

I bought the Micro Red Dot on Begadi, for 65 € :

I bought the fake PEQ-15 on UNCompany for 25 USD : The laser is ridiculous, but it looks cool.

I bought the surefire M952V second handed. Brand new, this thing cost 600 USD (, but I find it for a very good price.

Note that this gun is the KSC Japan version. The difference with the KWA/Umarex are :

- It's less powerfull (about 300 fps).
- It has better trademarks.
- It's much more expensive mostly because it has high quality control.

The fact that it's less powerfull is GOOD thing to me, because I mostly want to use this game in CQB areas, so for close ranges.

This gun also has custom parts. A Ready Fighter Reinforced Nozzle (that's why it's white on my model) and a PDI 6.01 inner barrel. Note that not all the springs in the nozzle have been put back in place, that's why the nozzle doesn't go back when the bolt is blocked to the rear. It still works fine this way, so I never tried to put them back really.

That's one of my favorite gas SMG in the airsoft world. Mostly because I like the look a lot. Honestly, I think the MP9 is better. They have similar performances, but the MP9 has a better kick, you can put more bb's in each magazines (50 bb's in a MP9 mag and 40 in a MP7 mag) and they are easier to carry than MP7 magazines, because they fit perfectly in MP5 mag pouches (the MP7 mag also fit, but not perfectly).

The MP7 is still pretty good.

The silencer is the umarex version. It does nothing at all (it may increases the FPS a bit though), but it looks cool.