Download: Danny and Riley | Someday Girl [+4x22]

By xfoxyamanda11


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Please watch in HD!

These two! SO many feels, I love them so much it's insane, that finale aah amazing!! I'll rant later, but seriously I LOVE THEM!

Happy very belated Birthday Emma!

I am so sorry this took me so long to finish, but I hope that you'll like the final video. I know you love these two so of course I just had to vid them for you and I just had to finish it after that finale! I am so happy that we have become friends, you are seriously one of the sweetest people I know and it's always lovely to talk to you and get to know you. Also you're crazy talented, just have to say that haha so underrated!! You're amazing, I love you hun, and I hope you'll like this! Happy very late birthday! :D

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Also special mention to Ida and Charlotte who have been fangirling with me on twitter about these two. I'm pretty sure we spammed all of our subscribers on Thursday haha so much fun! Also you've both been waiting for this, so I hope you like it too! :D Love you guys! And can't wait for our Danny&Riley collab, this must happen please!

These two kill me, they have to be one of my top OTPs ever. I love them so much. I literally don't know how any of you have coped waiting for these two from the beginning, i've been watching a few months and I wasn't coping haha I congratulate you all for staying strong! BUT IT'S HAPPENED! They're happening oh my god SO happy right now. Even if she says no, because that's a definite possibility because I feel like Riley is the kind of girl who has fantasized about her wedding for like ever and would want more than just a rushed one? If that makes sense? I just get the feeling that could happen, or she'll want to take it slower I don't know. But she could also totally say yes because hello Danny is perfection haha I just don't care because I'm sure whatever happens they will be together and it'll be perfect and I LOVE THEM! Look at their little faces, I'm dying haha. I'm sorry i'm rambling, I just have a complete obsession with these two, they're everything I love in TV/Film relationships.

So this took forever, but I am SO proud of it. I actually love this video, probably just because of these two haha but still I adore it. I think it turned out actually decent. I know it's just basically all voiceovers, I got a bit obsessed, I wanted to use more but they just didn't fit ahaha. Also went a bit mad with parallels in sections, but they have so many I couldn't not! I hope it looks good though, and it's a Hunter Hayes song so that made vidding this even better. He's someone else I love too much I think haha. I think this song is perfect for them though, don't you think? Also all the Someday quotes in the finale just made me ridiculously happy because it fit with this even better! SO good haha.

Right I will stop rambling, I hope you guys like this! My last Danny&Riley video got so many beautiful comments and views and everything, it was amazing so I hope a lot of you will like this one too!

Love you guys!
Amanda xxx

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