Download: Esbit Stove, Toaks Poet, Vargo Windscreen, Weber Solid Fuel Cubes -- Cook Gear 2014 (Review)

By Risky Business


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This video is a brief introduction of the Esbit Titanium Pocket Stove, TOAKS Titanium Pot with Lid, Vargo Windscreen, and the Weber Lighter Cube Solid Fuel.

A real-time demonstration of bringing two cups of 33 degree water to a boil in approximately seven minutes uncovered. [Same test performed off camera with exact setup and water temperature only with lid on pot (5 1/2 to 6 minutes for water to reach a rolling boil).]

An individual could easily boil a total of four cups of water with one Weber Solid Fuel Cube or double their pleasure by cutting into halves for two separate run times. Ambient temperature water would obviously require less time to reach boiling point.

Esbit Ultralight Folding Titanium Stove 0.40 ozs
TOAKS Titanium 550ml Pot 2.6 ozs, Lid 0.4 ozs, Sack 0.3 ozs Total 3.30 ozs
TOAKS Titanium Folding Fork w/wo Burnt Orange Sac 0.50 ozs
TOAKS Titanium Folding Spoon w/wo Burnt Orange Sac 0.70 ozs
Vargo Aluminum Windscreen Black 1.30 ozs
Weber 7417 Fire-Starters Lighter Cubes( box of 24 cubes) 0.40 ozs (weight each)

They say a watch pot never boils -- this goes to show it does if you watch long enough.

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