Download: [MMD Elsword] Sexy Love (60fps)

By zennygirl


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All the Elsword girl classes in one video! Woohoo! (well, those available in Elsword NA XD)
This time I tried going all out with Full HD 1080p and 60 fps!
It took MUCH longer to render than what I expected (about 12 hours) and the filesize is HUGE! (around 24GB)
Still, I think it was worth it as the girls look fantastic! *_*
I also made a stage using the Ruben town map from the Elsword game... I think it looks neat! :D
Following some suggestions I received in previous videos, I added Asura's accessory 'tails' and included a scene with Yama Raja and Blazing Heart dancing together. (I will probably make another video with just the 2 of them dancing) :)

For the credits scene I couldn't find anything that I liked, so I ended up making the animation myself. I think it turned out pretty good. What do you guys think? :3

Ohhhh and 5000 subscribers!! Thank you so much! Keep sharing my videos so more people can enjoy! :)


Crimson Avenger, Blazing Heart, Grand Master, Wind Sneaker, Night Watcher, Grand Archer, Dimension Witch, Void Princess, Elemental Master, Sakra Devanam, Yama Raja, Asura, Code Battle Seraph, Code Nemesis and Code Empress extracted from Elsword and edited by ZGirl

Sexy Love by T-Ara

Sexy Love by tweekcrystal and vladshk
Credits animation by ZGirl

Sexy Love by mmd730 (edited by ZGirl)
Credits camera by ZGirl

Ruben Village extracted from Elsword

Diffusion 7
Post Point Light
S5 shader
True Camera LX

Accyrsed's Elsword Model Rigger (
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Miku Miku Dance 9.26
PMD Editor 1.39

The Elsword game and characters belong to KOG Games.