Download: Project X Zone 2 - All Attacks Exhibition (Specials / Multi-Attack / Bosses / etc) [プロジェクトクロスゾーン2]

By omegaevolution


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Exhibition contains:
- Support Attacks
- Solo Unit's Attacks
- Normal Attacks
- Super Attacks/Overdrives
- Multi-Attacks/AoE Super Attacks
- Bosses' Super Attacks

Decided to put this out earlier.

Much like I did with the first game's exhibition I used the original versions of the songs that are featured in the game (and the ones I liked most, so there are some repeats from last time lol)

Also, some Bosses are classified as Mini/Sub-Bosses and those don't have Special attacks (believe me, I tried making them do anything that wasn't a normal cut lol)

Which Pair Up/Solo Unit is your fav from the ones in the game? :D

Music Used (in order):
- Brave New World (Namco X Capcom)
- Ride on Sea (Resident Evil: Revelations)
- Pursuit ~ Cornered (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
- Feast of the Damned (Demitri Stage) (Darkstalkers)
- Bloodline Rebellion Opening (Burning) (Tekken 6)
- Vengeful Beauty (Kunoichi Nightshade)
- Opening Theme (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)
- You Will Know Our Names (Xenoblade)
- Intro Stage (Zero) (Megaman X4)
- Stairs of Time ( .hack//Link )
- Ai Ga Tari Nai Ze (Virtua Fighter)
- Ultra Violet (Devil May Cry)
- Irruption [B] (Resonance of Fate)
- F.A.T.E. (God Eater 2)
- Volcanic Rim Stage (Street Fighter IV)
- Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan (Sakura Wars)
- Mihata no Moto ni (Sakura Wars 3)
- Conquest (Ablaze) (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
- Fury Sparks (Tales of Vesperia)
- Invisible Stalker (Project x Zone 2)
- Title Screen - New World Project (Project X Zone 2)



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