Download: Malawi Cichlid Tank Update - December 2012 - DIY LED Controller

By Crismariu Ionut Gabriel


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Display Tank: 160 x 70 x 55 (h) cm

Sump: 100 x 60 x4 5(h) cm with Eheim Compact Plus 3000
Bio: 50L mixture of pumice 70% and zeolith 30%
Mechanical: JBL blue sponge, filter floss, filter sock

JBL e1501 - removed since i've redo my drain and return pipework the flow increased and i don't need the e1501 anymore.

2 x 5000 litres/hour wavemakers

2 x 54W T5 AquaMedic Reef White 15K - removed
2 x 54W T5 AquaMedic Reef White 10K - removed

DIY 10 x 3W 6500K LED light + 9 x 3W Cree XP-E Royal Blue on an DIY light controller based on Arduino and Typhon Reef Sketch - until I finish my own. I will post further videos
on the light controller when it's done.

Currently the Whites are 100% and the Blues 80% - i know it's too blue but i'm testing various scenarios. With 100% W and 50% B looks almost like AquaMedic Reef White 15K.

Notice the water it's crystal clear after 2 weeks on no maintenance or water changes and it runs only on sump and wave makers (with e1501 removed). There are currently a couple of "particles" in water because I've fed the fishes with 5 min prior to filming, and also a couple of micro bubbles because the water in the return section of the sump is low and it creates bubbles when it falls over the baffle. Tomorrow it's maintenance day when I'll change like 40% of the water, clean the substrate and replace the filter floss from the sump.

If you have any questions post them in the comments section and I'll try to reply them all.