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By PhillyPu


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TRIPLEDIT (Feb. 17 2012): I... just... don't even... ... WHAT!? 100k views AND 1000 likes? DAMN. Well uh. Thanks guys. I appreciate the confidence boost you guys give me. Never thought this song could be THAT popular...

DOUBLEDIT (Nov 28 2011): My... I don't... what? 40,000 additional views in what? 55 days? Now it's like, fifty thousand views. I love you guys. I'm still working on songs!

EDIT (Oct. 4 2011): Oh Celestia. I didn't expect this song to hit TEN THOUSAND views (Vegeta, what does the view count say again?) Bronydom never fails to surprise me. I love this fandom.

Sonic Rainboom - THE SONG is finally FINISHED. I proudly present, by the famous DJ P0N-3, SONIC RAINBOOM - THE SONG. (Any comment on names that are 20% cooler is welcome).

Well, after 10 seconds flat, I finally condensed the entire episode 16 to a five-minute song. So you can listen to MLP, WHILE NOT ACTUALLY WATCHING MLP!! My God! The song even has a plot, somewhat! Yes!

I started making the song as an experiment into sampling voices. Then I decided I need to make a techno song. Then I decided to be cool like P0N-3 and learn how to use the turntable (in the software. I can't turn tables for my life). So essentially this song is a mismash of everything experimental... for me.

Avast's Flank in the end was shoved in here in an attempt to get the darn song out of my head. Kudos for Renard for the original music. WoodenToaster for the Fluttershy version, and TheBaffMan for the version that got me hooked.

Hope you bronies enjoy this, though.

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My Little Pony copyright Hasbro.
Thanks to Lauren Faust for making such a great show.
Image used (with permission: thank you!) by RecycleTiger:

And thanks to mp32flv for making the music uploading process easier for me.