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By deathmule


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What's up everybody! :) In this video I perform all of the Fatalities on Tremor (AFTERSHOCK Variation)! :D

0:00 Scorpion
Who's Next!: Down, Left, Right, Up (Mid)
Stop Ahead: Down, Left, Right, Y (Mid)
Toasty: up, up, Y (Mid)
0:54 Sub Zero
Bed Of Ice: Down, Left, Down, Right, B (Close)
Chest Kold: Left, Right, Down, Left, B (Close)
Head Rip: forward, down, forward, Y (Close)
1:43 Mileena
Tasty Treat: Right, Left, Right, Left, Y (Close)
Face Feast: Down, Left, Down, Left, A (Close)
2:29 Takeda
Head Cage: Right, Left, Down, Down X (Mid)
Whip It Good: Down, Right, Down, Left, Y (Mid)
3:13 Cassie Cage
Bubble Head: Right, Down, Left, Right, X (Mid)
Selfie: Down, Right, Down, Left, B (Close)
4:00 Jacqui Briggs
Fist Pump: Right, Down, Left, B (Close)
Blown Out: Left, Right, Left, Right, Y (Close)
4:40 Kung Jin
Pinned Down: Right, Left, Down, Down, X (Mid)
Target Practice: Down, Right, Down, Left, Y (Close)
5:15 Tanya
Edenian Drill Back, Back, Forward, Forward B (Close)
Bloody Boots Forward, Down, Down, Back, Down (Close)
6:05 Jason
Kill For Mother: Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Y (Mid)
Sleeping Bag Killer Down, Back, Forward, B+RT (Mid)
6:48 Kung Lao
Face Grind: Down, Left, Down, Right, B (Close)
Flower Pot: Down, Right, Down, Left, X (Close)
7:27 Jax
Jax The Ribber: Down, Left, Right, Right (Close)
T-Wrecks: Right, Left, Down, Y (Close)
8:10 Sonya Blade
Target Marked: Down, Down, Left, Right, Block (Close)
Head Hunter: Right, Left, Down, Left, Y (Mid)
Kiss of Death: up, up, forward, down, (Mid)
9:04 Kenshi
Tele-Copter: Left, Right, Left, Left (Far)
My Puppet: Right, Down, Left, Up (Far)
9:55 Kitana
Splitting Hairs: Left, Right, Down, Down (Mid)
Dark Fan-Tasy: Down, Right, Left, Right, Y (Mid)
10:37 Shinnok
Flick Trick: Down, Up, Down, Up, Block (Mid)
The Grinder: Down, Left, Right, Down, Up (Mid)
11:22 Kano
Head Case: Down, Right, Down, Left, A (Close)
Knife To Meet You: Down, Down, Right, X (Far)
12:06 Johnny Cage
Little Improv: Right, Left, Right, Right (Mid)
Here's Johnny: Left, Right, Left, Right, X (Close)
Decap: forward, forward, down, up, (Close)
12:56 Erron Black
Six-Shooter: Left, Right, Left, Right, Y (Far)
Sand Storm: Down, Left, Right, Down, X (Mid)
13:38 Liu Kang
Splitter: Left, Right, Down, Up (Close)
Sore Throat: Down, Down, Left, Right, Right (Close)
14:23 Ermac
Head Out: Right, Down, Down, Up (Mid)
Inner Workings: Down, Up, Left (Mid)
15:11 Kotal Khan
Be Mine!: Down, Left, Right, X (Close)
Tight Squeeze: Right, Left, Right, Left, Y (Close)
15:50 Reptile
Bad Breath: Down, Right, Down, Right, B (Close)
Acid Bath: Down, Down, Left, Right, X (Close)
16:30 Ferra/Torr
Play Time: Down, Left, Right, Left, Left (Mid)
Better Than One: Right, Left, Right, Left, A (Close)
17:11 D'Vorah
Heart Broken: Right, Left, Right, Y (Close)
Bug Me: Left, Right, Left, A (Mid)
17:57 Raiden
Bug Eyes: Right, Left, Right, X (Close)
Conducting Rod: Down, Right, Left, Right, B (Far)
18:40 Quan Chi
Both Ends: Down, Right, Left, Right, Y (Close)
Mind Games: Right, Left, Right, Left, B (Far)
19:31 Goro
Peek-A-Boo: Left, Right, Down, B (Close)
Shokan Amputation: Left, Down, Down, Up (Close)
20:11 Tremor
Stone Tomb: Down, Back, Forward, Back, A
Stalag Might: Down, Forward, Back, Forward, X
20:44 Predator
Certain Death Down, Back, Forward, Up (Mid)
Ghostin' Us Down, Down, Back, Forward, X (Close)

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