Download: New Super Fusion Bros. V0.2b - PREVIEW!

By Mariovariable3410


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New Super Fusion Bros. is a fangame made with Hello Engine 5.1 and Game Maker 8.1 Standard.
Based on Mushroom Kingdom Fusion and Super Mario Fusion: Revival, made by JudgeSpear and the Fusion Team.

Later early 6 months of hard work, New Super Fusion Bros. is early on a new public release: Version Beta (or V0.2 Beta, does change nothing ^_^)
This version will be different from all other versions of NSFB, because this one have 2 different playable characters, more new levels and less available worlds, as Gladiacloud and Del suggested me.
This is the list of changements (you will find this also in README.txt in the game folder):
-Complete restoration of the game;
-A new playable character is added: Luigi;
-HUD graphics are changed;
-Many levels have changed name and other are be deleted from the game;
-Added new custom objects;
-Changed some objects graphics;
-More of 10 new levels;
-Levels 1-18 (Infinte staircases) and 3-2 (The lost level) restored;
-4 confirmed worlds:
*W1: The Mushroom Kingdom;
*W2: Windows 98 Cyberspace;
*W3: Retro Dimension;
*W-1: Forum Challengers.
-New level tilesets and new musics;
-World map music's bug fixed.

- Mushroom Skyland music: SMB3 Overworld Remix
- Poison Forest music #1: Super Mario RPG - Legend of the 7 stars: Forest zone Remix
- Poison Forest music #2: MKF's "Storm Canyon" music