Download: 【スカルガールズ】Skullgirls New voice & Announcer !!

By Poccola_margherita0141


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※ Patch Notes - 5/30

New Stuff!
- Title screen is now 2nd Encore. Yay!
- Added a bunch of new lobby names! They will all show up as the correct names when you pick them now, too. :^)
- Added CPU Quickmatch to Single Player menu: fight the CPU team of your choice. Enjoy!
- Added Female and Dazed announcers! This completes all the alternate announcer voices.
- Added ALL alternate character voice packs: Saxploitation Big Band, Politician Double, Anime Peacock, Valley Girl Painwheel, and Salty Parasoul.
-- To choose a voice pack, press and hold the buttons when you pick your character. Their name will change color to indicate that you chose the alternate voice. You may also press Up or Down on the Color Select menu (press Start when picking a character).
-- Each player chooses voice packs separately, meaning you can play Salty Parasoul vs regular Parasoul.
-- Alternate voices save with your Entourage, so if you want Valleywheel color 17, you don't have to pick it by hand every time. There may be bugs with this, but hopefully not. :^)
-- Added the "Use Opponent Voice Online" option to Voice Settings. The default is NO, which means you should not hear any alternate voice packs from your opponents unless you change the setting. Lemme know if it doesn't work, hah.