Download: "Phantom Squire" Dragonknight PvP/PvE Stamina Build - Orsinium - DPS/Off-Tank - Elder Scrolls Online

By Lefty Lucy


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Gameplay Examples 0:21
Build Overview 0:21
Build Philosophy 0:59
Race/Attributes 1:40
Gear 2:59
Abilities 7:39
Champion Points 10:57


What's the one thing your Dragonknight is missing right now? A SQUIRE!

Pick up this "Phantom Squire" build and get to work with a Stamina Dragonknight build that is outperforming every one of my previous builds for The Elder Scrolls Online. This build is made using new sets released in the Orsinium update (version 2.2.4 / 2.2.5).

I'm not just saying this - this is seriously my favorite build that I have ever created and used for ESO. Dropping heavy armor was really tough for me, but it was extremely necessary to remain competitive in PvP in ESO.

I became very disappointed with how hard I was getting hit in my Deadly Fortress build. It seems to me that PvP tanking in ESO is now an all-or-nothing effort. You either have to go all in with a full-on tank build or you just simply won't compete in PvP.

I have historically liked to build my dragonknight to with a balance between tanking and DPS, with tanking being the primary focus. This just wasn't working with the damage that other players are putting out with full V16 gear.

The flip side of that build style is to build for a balance between tanking and DPS, with DPS being the primary focus. That is what I have done with this build, and it is working so much better than my Deadly Fortress build.

Honestly, I really don't even notice a difference in how tanky I am with this build. This is mostly because Medium armor offers 75% of the resistances as Heavy armor, plus Bloodspawn gives me resistance stats that stack on top of Volatile Armor.

If you don't want to drop Heavy armor, you can still use this build! Morkuldin is a crafted set, so you can run my exact setup with Heavy instead. :)



Check back here soon for a commentary video which will show you how to use this build effectively!



See video time: 0:21

See video time: 0:21

+ Very high damage
+ Very high healing
+ High stamina sustain
+ High survivability
+ High mobility

See video time: 1:40

Recommended: Imperial
Alternatives: Redguard, Orc, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Nord

0 Magicka
0 Health
64 Stamina

*This may change depending on your race & champion points. Get a 20,000 Health pool (in Cyrodiil) before investing heavily into Stamina.*

The Serpent - Increases stamina regeneration

See video time: 2:49

5 Medium, 2 Heavy

2/2 Bloodspawn
5/5 Morkuldin

2 Agility Rings
1 Potentate's Necklace

Agility Axe / Maul / Sword (2H)

Agility Axe / Mace / Sword (1H)
Potentate's Shield

See video time: 6:06

Armor: Prismatic

Jewelry: Stamina Cost Reduction -or- Add weapon damage (maybe a combination of these two; feel this out for yourself depending on your playstyle)

Weapon (primary): Add weapon damage
Weapon (secondary): Deal magic damage + return stamina -or- Disease damage

See video time: 7:39

2-H Bar:
1 - Critical Rush
2 - Fossilize
3 - Shuffle
4 - Executioner
5 - Rally
U - Take Flight

1-H & Shield Bar:
1 - Charging Maneuvers / Volatile Armor / Dragon Fire Scales
2 - Igneous Shield
3 - Unstable Flame
4 - Ransack
5 - Resolving Vigor
U - Werewolf / Bat Swarm / Corrosive Armor

Werewolf Bar:
1 - Feral Pounce
2 - Hircine's Rage
3 - Rousing Roar
4 - Howl of Agony
5 - Claws of Life

See video time: 10:57


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