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By Rayque3


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All main bosses from every world in the game Donkey Kong 64, released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64.

In this Donkey Kong game, the goal is to collect every Golden Banana from the Kong family, which were stolen by King K Rool. All Golden Bananas have been scatterd through the world of Donkey Kong, and it's your job to get them back.

To reclaim every Golden Banana, certain objectives must be done. This includes mini-games, mini-bosses, unlocking secret areas. Besides for collecting all Golden Bananas, other items can be obtained aswell.

Every item has to be collected, including a secret Golden Banana, to get a 101% score. By having 101% you'll have an extra ending when you beat the final boss.

Donkey Kong 64 is to date, as seen by the fans, one of the largest collecting games that is ever released. In the 2008 issue of the Guinnes World Records: Gamer's Edition, Donkey Kong 64 has been given the title "Most Collectible Items in a Platform Game". If you can instant win/obtain every item, you'll be playing for at least 7 hours.

INDEX Bosses:

0:00 World 1 - Army Dillo
3:01 World 2- Dogadon
5:01 World 3 - Mad Jack
11:30 World 4 - Puftoss
15:52 World 5 - Dogadon (rematch)
20:08 World 6 - Army Dillo (rematch)
24:28 World 7 - King Kut Out
28:59 Final Boss - King K. Rool